Home-cooked meals to satisfy your palette. We provide you with food all three times of the day and assure you dont go to bed at night hungry.


Wifi !! Yes we do have wifi and guess what it's free! It's like an all you can eat buffet but for the internet.

World Class Gym

At Thy Mercy we understand your concern for your fitness, so we are have the best equipments to help you stay fit, strong and beaming with Health.

24hrs Power Backup

Power Cuts ?? Who loves them? No one does!! Nor do we, so we have a 24hrs power back up for your comfort. You can stay connected and cool all day long.

Free Washing

So you think about the chores and wonder what to do with the Laundry? Well dont worry no more, at Thy Mercy we have provide you with Free washing facilities to help you out with the mundane activity so that you can focus on so many better things

Lady Security Guard

A Lady as a security guard to provide with the full sense of security. So that you can feel at ease.

CCTV Control

Think the Lady security guard is not enough? Dont worry we have the whole area secured with CCTVs to ensure you a safe and sound sleep at night.