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Thy Mercy

In the words of Hilary Clinton “Nations that invest in women’s employment, health and education are just more likely to have better outcomes. Then children will be healthier and better educated. So this is not just the right thing to do for us to hold up these women, to support them and to encourage them.

Here at Thy Mercy we feel just the same way. We feel the need to invest in a woman’s well being, we feel the need to encourage them and support them to build their confidence and give them the freedom at the same time.

Thy Mercy is an all women’s hotel. It is safe, accessible and nothing less than a five star hotel. We cater to all working class women as well as women who are studying. Whether you are visiting Chennai or you are here to stay we have a place for you.

Our hostel stay ranges from short to long, so if you prefer a short stay for a week or a long stay for a year we can arrange for that. Your comfort and safety is our concern. We aim at giving you a stress free life so that u have the timer to achieve your goals and dreams. It’s a home away from Home in a true sense.

We have many amenities to boast of, from the most wanted Wifi connection to the well sort after gym facilities, you wouldn’t have to the leave the place if you dint want to. Our compliments include three meals a day, Wifi, A world class gym, 24 hours power back up, washing facilities, a lady security guard and CCTV control over the premises.


At Thy Mercy we assure you the best. We make it worth your stay . A homely environment and a place to just relax and refresh.

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